Stitching Lab

PKTI has a fully equipped stitching lab covering complete range of machinery required for the training of all kind of knitted and woven garments. Students get their hands on experience on every type of machine. All machines are imported with complete accessories to impart knowledge, not only of basic operations of sewing but also of complete procedure of maintaining mechanical maneuvers of the machines.

Knitting Lab

Knitting lab also has state of the art technology of all knitting operations. Starting from basic single knit machines like interlock and single jersey, it covers complete range of double knit machines like fleece knitting, rib knitting and mini jacquard machine. These machines help the students understand the mechanics and operations of all varieties and structures of fabrics like, single knit, double knit, jersey, pique, rib and fleece.

Quality Assurance Lab

Quality Control and Assurance lab in Pakistan Knitwear Training Institute provides the opportunity to trainees to learn about quality practices and parameters of industry. The laboratory provides an innovative learning environment inspiring and preparing trainees for the challenges and versatility of fabrication in the export oriented industry. Quality Assurance Lab also offers specialist training short courses as well as new areas of support for research and diploma program students.

Cutting Lab

Cutting lab in PKTI also has state of the art domestic and industrial cutting equipment. Graduate trainees from PKTI are absorbed easily in the market as they have exposure of all industrial equipment before coming to industry.


Library at PKTI has a fairly good collection of books available on all major technical topics especially knitting, weaving, stitching, pattern drafting, quality control, garment manufacturing etc. and off course on other important topics like management, communications and general knowledge. It has also access to more than 40,000 online books through HEC Ebrary. It is also subscribing major national and international journals.

Day Care Centre

It is a unique initiative to empower women by providing them a Day Care Center facility.Married women can now get professional trainings more easily in PKTI and contribute to country’s economy as PKTI Day Care Center provides a balanced approach to learning, giving them the peace of mind that their children will have fun as he/she develops socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.